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2013 Subaru Outback - Trans tuneup

I have a 2013 Subaru outback
50,000 miles
Would a transmission tuneup be a benefit .I want to keep the car “forever”

What is this ’ Transmission Tune Up ’ . If you mean fluid and filter exchange that could be a benefit ’ At 7 years old it might need other things that are listed in your manual service schedule .

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If you didn’t have the trans fluid changed at 30k miles, you are actually very late for that service. Assuming that the “transmission tuneup” is actually a fluid and filter change, then–yes–you should definitely have it done, and should repeat that service every 30k miles.

to my recollection, filter is external and is not recommended by Subaru to be replaced before 120K miles or so, it is good filter similar to the main engine oil filter, it has quite a big capacity, so I tend to trust manufacturer recommendation on keeping it for that long

it is only a drain/fill what is needed

since the service is past the recommended 30K interval, I would drain/fill, then drove for few miles and repeated drain/fill again