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2013 Nissan Altima - Rear speakers?

Hi, does your 2013 Nissan Altima have rear speakers?

Please say why you are asking that question. I can’t think of a vehicle built in years that did not have multiple speakers , front rear and side.

Mine does, but my neighbor’s does not…:roll_eyes:

Check for all the info you’d ever want to know about your car’s sound system.

What vehicle and model is this neighbors without rear speakers ? Second the OP does not need Crutchfield , their owners manual will have that info or they could look at the radio menu .

According to what I see, the '13 Nissan Altima Sedan’s are capable of having front, rear,& door speakers (all four doors), and a center speaker. Whether they are all installed on every vehicle manufactured, don’t know, may depend on the option package. If you want to know the option package for your own car, there’s usually a label somewhere with that info, often in the trunk area. Look at the underside of the trunk lid, and where the jack and spare tire are kept. The options are usually a series of codes on that label, but you can usually figure the codes out by googling.

Or use the radio to fade the sound all the way to the rear…? If there’s sound back there, ya got rear speakers.

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