2013 Nissan Altima - Can't drive - how to keep car ready?

I replaced the battery 2 months ago. I am not yet allowed to drive so I need to run car in driveway. Will idling the car keep the battery from dying? Do I need to keep foot on gas pedal to increase idling RPM? Will either of these work?
Thank you.

Do you not have a relative or friend that can take it for a 30 to 45 drive every 2 weeks ? If not just order one of those Solar chargers from Amazon.

I presume you’re under stay at home orders like much of the country so having someone else drive the car isn’t a realistic option. Order a trickle charger online (Amazon, eBay). Of course, if your luck is anything like mine it won’t arrive until after the lockdown is lifted but they’re still handy to have. Maybe you can find a place locally that will deliver one.

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You don’t need to run the car at all. Starting the engine uses more battery capacity than letting it sit unused for weeks.

Aren’t you allowed to travel for essential errands? If you are, nothing stops you from taking a route that’s long enough to make sure your battery is fully charged.

It really depends on the car. Some can go months, some only weeks. Road exercise would be ideal, but 20 minutes here and there is the next best alternative imhop. High idle should be unnecessary.

Is that a medical/post-surgical restriction, or are you misinterpreting “lockdown” restrictions as a prohibition on driving?

I only use my vehicle 2 or 3 times each week, but when I do use it, I make sure that I take “the long way” to the supermarket, the pharmacy, and the Post Office. If I have to start my engine, I make sure that I drive the vehicle for at least 20 minutes, and this gives me a chance to see something other than my backyard and my house, plus it is sufficient to recharge the battery.

Trust me… none of the police in your area–or any area–are going to stop your car in order to interrogate you about your destination.

Advance Auto will bring one out to the car for you or ship it to you for free if you buy online. They brought a new lawn tractor battery out and put in my trunk and took the old one back in the store. Since I don’t have a cell phone I told them I would pull up at 3 PM and honk my horn in a tan Camry.

I have found out I don’t need a cell phone for grocery pickup either. Just pull up in a designated spot and have your order # on a paper you can hold up against the window and pop your trunk and they do all the rest. Western NY is a coronavirus hot spot, we had a couple of nice days a few weeks ago and everybody rushed to the parks and walking trails, including my wife and myself and although we were wearing masks, almost no one else was and they were not keeping a good distance either. Now our hospitalization rate is climbing again so we are not reopening even though the center of the state is. I don;t think it is going to be safe for someone my age to come out until and unless we get a successful vaccine.

Maybe he’s in jail, it’s non of our business why he can’t drive right now.

I agree that it is none of our business, but if he is under the mistaken belief that “lockdown” restrictions prohibit him from driving, I think it is worthwhile to correct that misunderstanding.

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I had a sacroiliac fusion Doctor said no driving for a while

In that case, the earlier recommendation about using a Battery Tender is one that I strongly advise.