2013 Mazda 3 iSV and iSport

I am trying to buy Mazda 3 and I was looking into iSV, just because it was the cheapest.
I just realized that iSV does not have Skyactiv technology.

iSV gives 24/33 MPG
iSport gives 28/40 MPG

Should I just go for iSV, because it’s cheaper, or should I look into iSport because it has Skyactiv tech and has better MPG?

Do the math, or at least a plausible approximation. Figure out how much more it costs, about how many additional gallons of gas you would use in a year, how much would they would cost, then multiply that by how long you will likely keep this car. Even if it doesn’t quite pay for itself, you may value the environmental benefit. There isn’t likely to be much influence on resale value, so I’d ignore that. This is enough of a difference I suspect it will pay for the difference if it isn’t too great, though it’s tricky when models aren’t equipped the same.

I’d go for the iSport and keep it for a good number of years. The bottom of the line cars (from all makers) have one goal: being cheap. I don’t like all the corners cut to achieve that.

You need to drive about 100,000 miles to make up the difference in cost if you figure it on gas alone. Worth it? Only you know.

If you can drive one of both and see which one you like to drive, the difference in price is mostly the engine and 6 speed transmission on the Skyactiv. The SV doesn’t come with power locks,keyless entry, and a few other things. My family is used to keeping cars for a long time so paying up a little for the car you want can be worth it. It’s a choice between the old base engine or the new tech with better mileage.