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2013 Lexus RX 350 - Issues

what are the worst problems for a 2013 RX 350?

Another one of these vague questions about problems . Why do you ask ? Do you have one or do you want to buy one ? If you are worried about problems then look at new vehicles with full warranty that you can afford.

The top selling premium/luxury crossover in America for decades with an unbeatable reputation for safety and reliability. That whole generation of the RX was outstanding and it was not the first or second year of that generation either, so no worries. We had an 11 and it never had a single issue. Consumer Reports 5/5 reliability rating.

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I’m not seeing anything major, but for a few niggles. The biggest issue is the air bag problem, but most of the newer cars are battling that one. Complicated fuel evap systems seem to plague many cars these days, and I expect Lexus isn’t immune. There’s a number of electronic modules w/that vehicle, and some or all may need some updated software. The electronic gadgets will likely pose some problems here and there, like the remote starter, navigation, infotainment, keyless entry, etc. Suggest to check w/Consumer Reports Used Car Guide, if that looks ok, seems like a good bet for a luxury car. If you don’t need the AWD, choose a 2wd model; you’ll improve your chances for keeping it out of the shop.