2013 Hyundai Sonata - OTO question

Should I be in OTO with normal driving

What is OTO? Google could not find that abbreviation.
I can not locate an online free copy of your owners manual to find this abbreviation. Please expand on your question.

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Urban dictionary says one time only. And no examples. So, it is never used.

Might be another Cadillac Converter type question.

Allison, could you post a picture of what you are talking about?


Spellcheck gotcha? You mean catalytic converter, i guess.

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Maybe OP means “Auto” instead of “Oto”. As in automatic mode.

I think you are right. I believe that car has paddle shifters

How else can you drive an automatic. Choices: Park, Reverse, Neutral, Drive, Sport. Even using paddle shifters it is still an automatic. Just like using the push buttons on a Mopar Torqueflite.image
Been >10 hours, doubt there will be a response or explanation.

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I think you are right.

Re: Purebred’s post above

One of my earliest car-related memories, about 3 years old, my dad would let me sit on his lap and let me push those buttons, 50’s Chrysler Windsor. He’d tell me which one to press. While driving! These days driving with your kid on your lap would land you a citation. But in those days safety issues were of little concern, kids didn’t even need to wear seat belts. In fact I don’t recall there being any seat belts in that car.

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My brother had a 57 Dodge, my dad got in, started waving his right hand up&down saying where’s the gear shift.
My first car was a 60 Dart with push buttons, also had a Sport Fury with push bottom tranny. I liked them. The only car I would pass on, or if purchased would convert, is the Edsel with the pushbuttons on the steering wheel.

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I think there’s a Car Talk Puzzler involving those push buttons. The driver has a broken right arm, so how do they still drive the car?

Oh oh, risking a thread hijack citation … lol …

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I also had a few with the push buttons and liked them the only one I had a proplem with was a 65 Plymouth station wagon without the push buttons the trans shop I went to said it was something to do with the change over the 65 was the first to not have the buttons after years of using them I can’t remember for sure but this happened in the late 70’s and it was around 25$ to fix and we drove it for another 8 to 10 years with no more problems. Also I would have stayed away from the Edsel with the buttons in the steering wheel.

I think you may already have.

Also if I remember right it was 1955 when they came out with the push buttons.

That sounds about right.

They’re back! Our 2019 Odyssey has a push button transmission selector too. I’m sure other newer cars do too.

I guess you don’t remember that one.

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Yeah that might be close. You can choose manual shift or automatic. Then some cars had/have a Drive 1 and Drive 2 or Drive and then an “O” around the drive which is overdrive or allows the fourth gear.

I prefer the six speed in my truck, I can lock out the upper gears for decent on mountain roads, but it still downshifts when necessary.
I’m still getting used to the 10 speed with paddle shifters.