2013 Hyundai Elantra Coupe - MPG

2013 elantra my best milage is maybe 23 mpg highway. i am original owner and do get gas card every year but it is based on a 2 mpg difference than what the sticker stated i believe. what should mpg should car get? I have never EVER gotten mote than 25 mpg highway, granted i do drive the car pretty hard but boy 25 seems really low now that i think about it

You just answered your own question.


What should the mpg be? I know what they said when I bought it is BS even when they lowered it (38/28), it is still BS. If me and everyone else is getting around 25 mpg max where are the class action law suits?

Mileage is mostly affected by driving style,

With your driving style your mileage should be in the low 20’s

How long are your highway trips?

It is extremely rare to find a car that gets the EPA mpg sticker.
Sometimes you get lucky. I had two identical 6 cylinder T-Birds, one got 25 mpg, the other an unbelievable 35 mpg.

Class action Law suit because you don’t get the EPA miles per Gallon . Not going to happen.

Note item ten on the sticker. “Actual results will vary”.

I consistently get about 3 to 5 mpg gallon more driving the same car and I do not drive slower than she does. She follows other cars too closely so she is forced to brake when they do, won’t use cruise control and is unconsciously accelerating slightly when there is no one in front of her and she rushes up to stop at red lights.