2013 Honda Odyssey - Should I buy this?

Abt to purchase a new Used vehicle as my 2002 Toyota is, uhh, hurting my body to drive bc of some issue. The Toyota Amazingness has over 304,000 moles and, Were i a Car Mechanic, i would keep it and fix it. So, yes, obviously i got lucky with the Toyota: Reliable, Safe, Excellent ln gas consumption.

So here is the seer ious question: is a 2013 Honda Od.van going to be reliable? It has poor gas mileage, a con, but the pro.of so much more space in it. Please reply as soon and as specifically and accurately as possible bc obviously i am on a budget And desire Reliability…no kia. Thank- You very much if You know good answers .

At some year ranges, Odysseys used to have quite unreliable transmissions.
Our friends had two transmissions swapped by Honda: one under warranty, one on their dime.
Check carcomplaints.com to research

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The main complaint about these is warped brake rotors, earlier generations had Transmission problems but I’m not aware of any on these. Of course the reliablity of the van you’re looking at is also going to be based on how well it was maintained. Relatives who have them have had very good luck with them.

Another point, “poor gas mileage” is relative. You don’t say what you drive now but the 2013 Odyssey actually has similar mileage ratings to a 2002 Camry, 21-22 combined vs 21-24.

Whatever you decide on, have a mechanic you trust do a pre-purchase inspection. That will help you decide whether to buy it or not, and what price to offer if you are willing to fix a few things. You can be sure it will need something. My sister in law drives an Odyssey that is around MY 2013, and she is very happy with it. Another thing: if you like Toyota so much, why not consider a Sienna?

It’s rated at 19 MPG city and 27 highway. That’s better than any vehicle I’ve ever owned.

Have you considered the Toyota Sienna? It’s very similar and it’s a Toyota. Also, newer (2011-up) Kia’s tend to quite reliable, a notch below Toyota, but on par with newer Hondas and Nissans.

to answer Your right and smart question, because I was gifted in May a 2015 Nissan Quest w.115000 miles on it, and i really really do not want it( CVT potential prblm.s upcoming soon, given the high-ish mileage) and so, this wld be a “trade-in”… the Nissan is going to an AAA autosource seller in Denver, near the Nissan i don’t drive… i literally have not driven it more than like, 30 miles
since someone wrote the dealership a check for it and some
A**hole drove it to my place of residence… blah blah bad story blah… that said,

the AAA place has really young miles cars and really good CARFAX( one owner, no accidents, not smoked in, that kind of thing) reports… so that is why i am not investing in another 'Yota, my favorite vehicle brand by far, and when i say far, let it be known( !!) that My Yota Rav 4 has over 304,023 miles on it as of yesterday!!!

Dear Robb, Thank-You for your reply… it is as part of a “trade-in” deal that i wld go for the Honda Od. ( vs , say, another Tyt), van.

The most important part of this purchase is that you’re happy with what you get. As the other’s have stated have a trusted mechanic give the vehicle a going over.
You might start poking around in this forum as well.

We have a 2012 Odyssey. Bought it used about 5 years ago. So far it’s been a fabulous vehicle. The fuel economy is in the low to mid 20s, both city and highway combined, I’d say.

We had to replace the alternator earlier this year. It’s also on its second set of brake pads and rotors in the 5 years we’ve had it. I gather that’s a weak spot on this particular van.

Aside from that, it’s been an excellent vehicle.

I’d rather have a 1977 Honda Odyssey

or the 1998 Honda Pilot

In addition to transmission problems, Odysseys have a history of motor mount problems.

I have commented on minivans in other posts. I have had a minivan for my primary vehicle for 29 years. I have had 2 Ford products, an Aerostar and a Windstar, a Chevrolet Uplander, and am on my second Toyota Sienna. Overall, the maintenance costs have been about the same for all of them. On my present Sienna, I average from
16-19 mpg around town and 25-30 mpg on the road. In fact, on a trip out west a couple of weeks ago, we got 32 mpg driving across North Dakota. As far as I am concerned, all minivans drive about the same. I drove a Dodge Caravan for the better part of a week while the Sienna was in the body shop to repair some cosmetic damage done by a careless motorist in a parking lot. The Caravan was fine. I did like the power rear hatch. I have never driven a Honda Odyssey, but I am sure that the Honda is not much different than other minivans.