2013 Honda Crosstour - EPS issue

my 2013 honda crosstour v6 3.5l EPS locked-up on me what is possible problems. I need help thanks.

your timing belt could have broken. lack of oil in the engine can also cause it to lock up. have you had the timing belt replaced? how many miles are on your vehicle?
did you do regular oil changes on time?
Did you check your oil level regularly?

Honda settles class-action lawsuit over oil-burning V6s (autoblog.com)

Can you explain what “locked-up” means? The doors are locked? The key is locked in the ignition? The engine stopped suddenly and won’t even try to start? We need some more information.

sorry I think I misunderstood. I believe you were talking about the steering locked up (EPS). is this corrected?

If this is so, the 2013 accord had the same problem. honda extended the warranty period for the EPS sensor and gear box for a period of 13 (thirteen) years from the original date of purchase with no mileage limit. hopefully they will do the same for your vehicle. save your receipts so you can get reimbursed.