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2013 Ford Mustang - Shifts hard

2013 boss 302 mustang shifts hard and misses gears help

I could offer some help if you’d tell me a little more about your Boss… like how many miles on the car? How hard to you run it? At the dragstrip? Do you do track days?

I believe all Boss 302’s have the MT82 6 speed manual with no automatic available. So you have a 6 speed manual, correct?

By “missing gears” what, exactly do you mean by that? You can’t get it into gear? Or it goes and there is nothing there?

And 'shifting hard", when? Second gear only, or all of them? When you are hard accelerating and trying to bang off a shift? Or all the time?

The MT82 has issues when run hot and hard. Most track day guys have had issues at some point and needed replacement or rebuild. It could be a clutch issue instead, depending on your answers to my questions.