2013 Ford Fusion low coolant indicator

Is it normal for a low coolant message to read on the dash information center when the car is first started? The car was just purchased and I can’t find any information about this. But I did find something about a recall in relation to a sensor.

To the best of my knowledge it’s not normal. The relevant recalls I was able to find were for coolant leaks. My guess is that the coolant level is rising as the engine warms up and the indicator goes out. But if so that means the level is marginal to begin with. Has it done this since you bought it? Open the hood and check the coolant level when the engine is cold. If it’s a bit low, add some coolant and see if the indicator still lights after a day or so. If it does, or if it happens again, or if this is a new issue since you bought it, you may have a bigger problem because it indicates you’re losing coolant, and that could be serious.

The obvious question to ask is: Have you opened the hood and checked the coolant level to see if it is indeed low? Or at the correct level?

Our answer depends on YOU answering that question.


I’d be surprised if that turned out to be normal for a 2013 Fusion. Depending on how the cooling system is configured, it’s possible to be confused on the coolant level, b/c it might look ok in the plastic expansion bottle, but still be low in the radiator.

Note: It’s normal for warning lights to come on with the key “on” but before the engine is started. That’s done so the owner can verify the warning lights are working.

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I don’t like the question so I want to change it. That’s not possible so I’ll question the question. Is it coolant low or temperature low? Some cars indicate low temp until it warms a little. I think a light that resembles a thermostat might mean low temperature so I’m googling soon. I hope it’s normal. If it is yellow or red there may be a problem. If it’s blue, probably not. I may have to look in an owner’s manual to be sure.

Seems normal to me. Customer complains the low coolant warning message appeared, raise the hood and find the coolant is low. That is the purpose of the warning system.