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2013 Ford Fusion battery light

Battery light comes on in my 2013 2 Liter Fusion Titanium model. Is this most likely the alternator?

Could be the alternator, could be the battery. If you don’t own a voltmeter, don’t just guess and replace the alternator. Buy one, they are cheap. You should see over 12.3 - 12.9 volts at the battery, engine off. If you don’t see that, the battery is likely bad. Take it out and have it load checked for free at the auto parts store. If it’s bad replace it and see if the light goes out.

Start the car, you should now see 13.5 to 14.5 volts at the battery terminals. If you now see lower voltage at the battery than with the car off, the alternator is most likely bad. Take it out and have it checked at the auto parts store. If it’s bad, replace it.

I would recommend checking the charging system as is . . . installed in the car, everything hooked up, engine running

By taking the alternator to the store for testing, you’re not taking into account the fuses, fusible links, wiring, belt, tensioner, pcm, etc.