2013 Ford Escape - Battery dies in a week

Car battery goes dead after sitting for a week. This has been an issue since new.

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My 1st question is why was this not taken care of while still under the factory warranty if it has been an issue since new???

do you have anything (charger, GPS, etc) plugged into any of the 12V ports??


Check the rear wiper motor. see if it feels hot when you touch the plastic cover.
there have been other escape owners who had battery drains that was caused by the rear wiper motor shorting. and if your rear wiper is not in the park position when you shut it and is in another position on the rear window. that is one of the signs it’s your rear wiper motor that is causing the drain.

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2012 Ford Escape Battery Draining Overnight SOLVED!!! - YouTube

fyi, text summary of VDO above: demonstrates a faulty rear wiper motor can be a cause of battery drain on Ford Escape…

If that’s not the OP’s problem, suggest check hidden lights, like trunk or engine compartment, glove box. Also make sure there’s no exterior lights, especially the brake lights. Faulty door switches can cause this too, continually waking the computers every time the wind blows.

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Had this happen on a 2010 or 2011. Another thing you can do to eliminate this diagnosis is to remove the rear wiper fuse from fuse box on passenger side box. If the battery stays charged then replace rear windshield motor.

After a battery fully discharges a few times it is damaged goods. Probably need new battery now.

Maybe, maybe not. It depends how long the battery was left fully-discharged, and how it was recharged. My experience is that attempting to quick-charge a fully-discharged battery will surely ruin it, however using a trickle charger to recharge it over the course of 2-3 days will allow it to fully charge again, unless of course the battery self-discharged because of internal damage.

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Use to take old Interstate battery’s and hook a small light to them for about a week to fully discharge them and then put new distilled water in them and put them on a 1 amp charger for about a week to desulfate the plates and it would bring them back to life… Good luck finding a 1 amp charger now a days… lol
But my newest battery charger supposed to be able to desulfate the plates, haven’t tried it out yet but hopefully soon…