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2013 F150 Turbo Pop

When I start my truck in the mornings. In 20 seconds + -, there an exhaust “pop”. I’m assuming its to warm up the turbos. The manual says to warm them up before driving. The engine is an engineering marvel, unlike my Cub Cadet that has a plastic hose to push in the oil drain and the filter don’t have a hole in the metal frame for the oil to run into the catch basin. I hope that engineer dies a slow painful death

You need to take it to the dealer as there should be no exhaust pop when the engine is started.

That’s a quick way to kill catalytic converters.


I absolutely emphatically agree with Tester. That pop is not intentional. It’s probably unburned fuel exploding in the converter. The sudden pressure pulse can fracture the ceramic substrate in the converter’s core. When you start the truck in the morning the ECU ignores the oxygen sensor signal and allows the engine to run rich until it warms up some. In your case perhaps a bit too rich.

Wow! I guess I better make an appointment. I couldn’t remember if my '11 ecoboost did that. This ones done it since I’ve owned it. I’ll post on the diagnosis

It’s actually coming from the engine compartment, but I’m certain its exhaust.

If it’s coming from the engine compartment it may be backfiring. Again, it needs to be fixed. Backfiring is bad too.

I just googled it and its a common thing. The turbines are loud and winding down to normal idle then the “pop”. They say it is the waste gate. I’ll talk to the service dept. In the next day or two. Ill probably have them start one on the lot to see if it does it.

The waste gate shouldn’t be that loud.
Your decision to try another of the same on the lot is an excellent idea. Go with it.

The dealership said it was normal. It’s the waste gate snapping closed.