2013 Dodge Journey - Cylinder replacement

I had to replace the 6th cylinder on my car. I have a 2013 Dodge Journey. There was an extended warranty on this year, but according to the dealership, my make was made in July and the warranty was up until March. My question, how does a old lady (73) find out just what the correct story was. And the part was on backorder for over 5 weeks! Love listing to you on NPR.

Please get a copy of the repair order, scan it and post it here. You cannot replace an engine cylinder on a car. It’s an integral part of the engine. We need to know what was really done to provide constructive advice.


Cannot scan, but can type! Remember I am old too.

Check engine light was on. Shakes 45-60 mph Veh lunges forward when you accelerates


1 68141353AC head cylinder part

1 5184455AI gasket cylinder head

Antifreez coolant


I just think there may be more people that have had problems with this issue. Thanks for any help.

Holey moley, 6 cylinder heads!?!
Either the block is warped or the design is inherently bad. In the case of the latter, that is the definition of insanity. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. If this is on your dime, I would be dumping that money pit…

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Diane, I second @TwinTurbo advice above. If you can afford it, get rid of it now. And avoid any more Chrysler products.

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One cylinder head to correct a cylinder #6 misfire.

There is a warranty extension for 10 years/150,000 miles to replace the left cylinder head on certain 2011 to 2013 vehicle equipped with the Pentastar engine. Your dealer should be able to show you the document that indicates which vehicles are covered by the warranty extension.

I show them that, but they said that my car was made in July and it ended in March. That is why I am questioning the repair and cost.

You have a copy of the warranty extension? What did you show them?

Well that would be more palatable but that’s not how I read it:

It reads the way I interpreted it by only inserting one word- I had to replace the 6th cylinder head on my car

I read the situation as being a #6 misfire caused by a faulty cylinder head which was replaced, not 6 faulty cylinders or 6 faulty cylinder heads.

Diane may have a PHD in astrophysics but she doesn’t speak gearhead and likely has no intentions of learning any time soon.

This is the pertinent service bulletin for the extended warranty I believe. Google the referenced applicable extended warranty coverage terms for where you live.


Here’s some more info


Thank you for the info

I put the key in start it and if does not work I take it somewhere!

The part of that service bulletin that I find to be most interesting is…
Do any of the cylinders exhibit leakage of 25% or greater?
a. If Yes>>> Proceed to Step 3.
b. If No>>> This bulletin does not apply.

So, Chrysler considers leakage of… let’s say… 20% to be acceptable or normal?

Well if it’s fixed now you were successful.