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2013 Chevrolet Tahoe brake lights only work with ignition switch in run position

is it normal for the brake lights to only work with ignition switch in run position ? Dealer can’t answer the question and no luck with on-line search

Why do you need the brake light to come on when the key is NOT in the run position?

As for “normal” 2 of my cars do, one does not when the key is in the off position. So obviously GM decided to change (one of those 3 is a GM truck) since every GM vehicle I’ve ever owned would operate the brake lights independent of the key-on.

I’d suggest you stop worry about it, you don’t need the brake lights to work if the key isn’t on.

Was not worried about it, just curious as none of the mechanic’s or service rep’s at the dealer could tell me if I had a problem or it was correct.

I discovered it after hooking up my trailer and was checking lights. My Silverado doesn’t work that way. But no problem , just curious.

Thanks for your replay