2013 Chevrolet Avalanche - does coasting in neutral damage the transmission?

I’m using my Brother’s vehicle information. On every vehicle he drives he will manually shift the transmission in neutral to “coast”. This includes going downhill, approaching stop lights, stopped or slowing traffic, etc. He will then manually put the transmission back in gear to start from a stop, or regain speed while the vehicle is in motion. Could this doing damage to the transmission or any other part of the vehicle? Thanks, Dave

Forum rules state that I can’t call your brother an idiot . This is an unsafe practice that serves no benefit and quite possibly place more wear on transmission and linkage .


It’s illegal anywhere in North America to coast in neutral.

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Unsafe, dumb, detrimental to the transmssion. Tell him I said (and every response so far…) to quit it.

I don’t think the rules prohibit you from saying that the OP’S brother doesn’t know his anus from his ulna. Perhaps @cdaquila could weigh in?