2013 Buick Encore - Cat Converters Keep Dying

The check engine light on my wife’s Encore keeps coming on. Now the dealer tells me that we need a new catalytic converter needs to be replaced. The car has 75K miles. And, I replaced the catalytic converter about 3 years ago. Three catalytic converters - one ever 25K miles? Give me a break.

most likely it is still under federal emissions warranty, 8 years and 80K miles to my recollection

what dealer says to that?

What are the HC tailpipe emissions numbers? The engine fuel trim measurements? Lean or rich diagnostic codes? Do you need to add engine oil frequently? If the engine is running rich or lean it can damage the cat, as well if the engine is burning oil. Substandard replacement cats another possibility. Use a cat that is Calif CARB rated.

The catalytic converter in your vehicle is warranted for the first 8 yrs/80K miles of the vehicle.

So if the problem started prior to these conditions, this is called an on-going warranty issue.

This means the dealer is responsible to resolve the catalytic converter issue at no cost to you.