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2013 Audi Allroad needs piston replacement

My 2013 allroad needs a piston replacement per tac. I don’t have a quote yet, but I am sure it won’t be cheap. Is this something you know about? I have read that maybe replacing the engine is a better idea?

I plead ignorance, what is tac?

You won’t get just a piston replacement. The entire lower part of the engine called a short-block will get replaced at the least. The entire engine, or long-block, will likely get replaced.

I assumed tac is supposed to be “tech” - short for technician.

I don’t know. I just noticed it on the statement they gave me after I picked up the car. They did a two 2 part oil consumption test.

The car has 107,316 miles on it.

Ok. Thank you. They didn’t say anything about replacing the engine. It just says recommend replace pistons per tac. You are probably right… technician.

They told me Audi is assisting financially with part of the repair.

Your technician open a case for your vehicle with the Technical Assistance Center (TAC), this is necessary for warranty claims or customer assistance support from Audi.

Installing revised pistons is the standard procedure for oil consumption issues, the manufacture won’t pay for a new short block unless there is damage to the cylinder walls.