2013 Accord V6 engine noise

It might be something like a transmission ‘hunting’ for gears. The engine might be switching between 3, 4, and 6 cylinders under moderate load.

But try out the various suggestions above.

The Odyssey has a similar annoyance from the VCM but its more of a pronounced vibration than audible rattle. The ECO(N) indicator is not tied to VCM activation. VCM will stop if you push the O/D disable button (on shift knob in ody). If the rattle goes away then, you can bet the noise is related to VCM.

@glm3 because of the inherent imbalance that comes with running a V6 engine on less than six cylinders.

Good point!

Hmmm…Is it possible that this may lead to a new round of motor mount problems for Honda?

I’m having the same issue. I bought my 2013 used with about 50K miles. I didn’t hear the rattle during test drives. After some research I was convinced it was the VCM. I took the car to two different dealerships and they spent many many hours troubleshooting. They were able to reproduce the noise, but neither dealer agreed that it was the VCM. Still convinced that it’s the VCM, I recently purchased a VCM disable device. While it works as advertised, disabling the VCM feature, I still have the rattle from the engine compartment. I see this thread is four years old. Does anyone have any new information?


I am not a mechanic, but I google pretty well, I did not see the 2013 listed, perhaps someone more knowledgeable than I can figure if this is relevant or not.

“After being told that, I drove 2 other 2013 V6 Accords on their lot, and they both made the same sound.” so, it is a “normal” sound?