2012 VW Golf 2.5L - replace spark plugs at 22k miles?

I have a 2012 VW Golf 2.5L that just hit its 4 year anniversary, but only has 22k miles. The 4 year / 40k miles service schedule says that the spark plugs should be changed, but it seems awfully early to change them at 22k miles, so I was thinking of just doing the oil/filter change and putting the spark plugs off until I actually hit 40k miles. Good idea?

Are these copper plugs?
40K seems short for platinum, let alone iridium tipped plugs.
The danger of going too long a time with plugs is having trouble removing them if the threads get too dodgy.
If you live in a dry climate I’d chance 5 or 7 years.
Best bet is to use only the brand and part# that VW specs.

If there are no obvious problems and the plugs are platinum I’d let them ride to 40k miles.

The Zone site says O.E. plug is copper…in which case it may be time and you CAN use a better replacement plug…pull one and look.

What’s The Zone?

I did find that the part number seems to be 101-905-601-F (http://www.vwpartsvortex.com/oe-volkswagen/101905601f) and in this Amazon page:
one of the questions is answered with “You don’t want to gap these, they are platinum tipped and by doing so you’ll flake off the electrode coating…”

So platinum or copper?

Also, I’m in S.F. Bay Area (California), so yes a dry climate (a bit too dry recently!)

the Zone…shorthand for Auto Zone.
I use the pro websites all day long for Auto Zone, O’Reilly’s, and Car Quest .
You may have other brands as well in you area. ( my son and husband lived IN 'Frisco and never owned a car, so I don’t know the parts house picture there. )
The platinum will last longer that copper…iriduim longer than that.

The answer to the question about regapping spark plugs is wrong. Platinum and Iridium plugs CAN be gapped.
The coating will not flake. The issue is that someone can get ham-fisted and crack the porcelain around the center electrode.

Of course they can be regapped if needed. The only requirement is that the proper method of gapping be used.

Go to spark plug manufacturer websites or even YouTube videos from spark plug makers and they will explain it.