2012 Volkswagen Beetle - Shuts down

Beetle 2012 shuts down while driving, have to stop and restart. sometimes its not possible until after few hours, sometimes its stuck in park, does not start
VW company in ICELAND does not know anything and can not fix. Say its electric problems somewhere in the car
Can anyone help me

Volkswagen Beetle Shuts Down While Driving (Common Causes) | Drivetrain Resource (700r4transmissionhq.com)

Here’s what caused my VW Rabbit to shut down when driving

  • Fuel pump relay-plate wiring failure
  • Ignition coil failure

Given that waiting helps, my guess is something heat related, likely related to the fuel pump. Next guess, a faulty crank position sensor. Probing the voltage at the fuel pump might provide a clue, but that might be difficult to do on the side of the road. If it’s the latter problem, you’d see no spark the spark plugs during cranking at a time it won’t start. If you know how to do it safely, that’s something you might be able to do road-side. I use a spare spark plug for that myself. I doubt this is an ignition coil failure.

Is your VW engine gasoline, or diesel?