2012 Toyota RAV4 - Correct oil level

I have a 2012 4 cylinder Toyota Rav 4 with 66,000 miles on it.
My problem is that after the oil change and after sitting overnight, when I check it in the morning the oil stick shows one inch above the mark.
This had happen twice before, they corrected it by drawing some oil out. The third time it happened, the tech drew some oil out, and when he checked it with the stick it showed it was dry. They then did an oil change checking it very carefully, and the tech could not get it to the correct level, even though he filled it manually. The stick would show it to be above or bellow the full mark.

Pour cold oil in a hot engine - the oil change guy, in a big hurry - draws the dipstick out and declares it good.

You take it home, hot oil drains down overnight, the dipstick is overfilled.

That is how it happens, especially if you are taking the car to a quickie lube oil change place. I have had this exact thing happen back when I was young and stupid and didn’t know the quickie oil change places are staffed with not-so-smart folks… definitely NOT “techs”

You either take it to a better place, change it yourself, or warn the guy not to put more than X.X (look in your owners manual for the correct amount) quarts in the engine or he’s going to be sucking some back out!