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2012 Toyota Camry - Brake question

Is it possible for a brake rotor to be off center? One rotor on my Toyota has the studs not centered in the holes. The studs are touching up against the left edge of the hole. I had pulled my wheels to rotate the tires and found the rotor turned. The stud holes seem to be too big and not centering the rotor. I have been having a problem with what seems like a warped rotor and the edge of the tire on that wheel is cupping.

The wheel and lugs will place the rotor centered around the lug stud once you re-install them. Look on the back side of the wheel for a protrusion and the cone shape of the lug nut. Your problem lies elsewhere, likely a worn suspension component…but make sure you properly seat the wheel prior to torquing it down fully.

The rotor is centered by the big hole in the middle that slips over the hub, not by the studs. There may be some clearance that allows the rotor to slide slightly clockwise or counter clock wise relative to the studs, but there shouldn’t be clearance to allow it to move left/right or up/down relative to the studs.

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Some rotors have larger, off-center, bolt holes because they fit 2 different bolt circles with the same rotor. The big center hole provides the center for the rotor.