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2012 Subaru Outback stalling

I purchases a 2012 Subaru Outback i2.5 Premium in January. The car has been stalling out after getting gas; I’ve put gas in it about 10 times, and it’s stalled out or nearly stalled out after 4 or 5 of those times. The first time it happened I had to have the car towed back to the dealer. At the time, they thought it was bad gas, but the repetition of the problem has them stumped. There are no warning lights or error codes. I have had the car back to the dealer on four occasions, and unfortunately they can’t replicate, find, or correct the problem. Now Subaru is involved. Any ideas on what might be going on here? The car also runs rough and shifts rough, compared to the identical 2012 Outback I was given as a loaner the last time I had it in.

Are you pumping the gas at “self serve”, or is an attendant pumping the gas? It seems a vent tube is “kinked” or someone is topping off the gas to the tippy top when filling the tank.

I’m filling the tank, and I was careful not to top off the last time, thinking along those lines. I still experienced some issues. The strongest correlation seems to be that the problem is more pronounced the closer the tank is to empty.

My wild guess is that It’s a venting problem. It’s time to leave the car at the dealer for use over a little more time and refuse it’s delivery without a permanent fix. I would expect a duplicate loaner. If the problem still “stumps” everyone, it’s time for a new replacement car at their expense IMO.

Yes, all I can say look up our state lemon laws, keep track of all paperwork and work orders and give the dealer an opportunity to fix your car.

what dealer have you been taking it to?, I need help, I have one doing it too, and its get really bad, along with transmission shift concerns and power steering concerns, i am thinking a wiring short, but I need help. please let me know, you can email me.

Emailing you directly defeats the purpose of this forum. It is for posting help so others with the same problem can use it later on.

What’s wrong with your car? What’s it doing under what conditions?