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2012 Subaru Outback CVT Transmission

I just bought this car (2000 miles) and I have noticed that it shifts gears oddly (hard to describe) and I get thumps and jolts in the transmission at low speeds, parking lot driving, going from reverse to drive.

Anyone have any knowledge of this transmission and it is possible there is something wrong?

A CVT transmission should be smooth in operation. There might be a problem in the transfer case of your car which is part of the AWD system. Take it to the dealer and report the problem.

If the dealer says this is normal, ask to try out several cars like yours. Did your demo drive reveal any similar behavior ? This, I agree, sounds like a problem. CVT transmissions should operate very smoothly, more so then a regular transmission. Make sure you are sifting while completely stopped and the motor revs are at idle.

Did you buy it with 2k miles on it or have you put 2k miles on it already?

Did you buy it new or used?