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2012 Ram 1500 Front End Screeching

A few months ago my front left tie rod broke and was replaced by a shop mechanic (along with my brake pads). I’ve been getting a screeching sound from that side now. It comes and goes, but usually comes after about 15 minutes of driving in the city. When I make a turn to the left I get the loud screech or when I am traveling at low speeds I can hear a cyclical chaffing, metal on metal sound, not terribly loud though. Sometimes I will get a screech if I hit a slight pot hole as well. Brought it to a dealership and they told me it was the front left strut leaking and would cost me >$600. I declined so I could do my own research. What I read was symptoms of that strut leaking don’t include the screeching sounds that I’ve been hearing, if I’m not mistaken? What I did find was it might be a sign of a bad tie rod? Maybe it was installed incorrectly? So now I’m not sure and wanted someone else’s opinion before bringing it to another shop.

Also, there is no shaking or vibration, its was during the summer and now we’re entering the winter. When I reach highway speeds its nonexistent.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!