2012 RAM 1500 - Engine code

first start everyday i get code 2181 ( cooling system).
engine and throttle body light comes on, coolant temp gauge doesnt function. erase code and everything is fine rest if day. no over heating, temp gauge. everything in cooling system and throttle body has been replaced. when erased everything is fine until next morning first start. then all over again.

its probably your coolant temp sensor

replaced temp sensor 3 times with factory sensor, no change

trace the wires back and see if there are any cuts ,chaffing or melting. it could be shorting out. also put a multimeter on it to see if its getting power to it.

The most common cause of fault P2181 is a failing/leaking thermostat. The engine temperature increases too slowly causing this cooling system performance fault.

thermostat new, no leaks. brand new factory crate motor