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2012 Outlander Sport driving problems

I have a 2012 Outlander Sport SE at 55,000 miles. About 6 months ago this car started giving me problems were its incredibly bouncy on the road and hard to control. Its very noticeable on winding roads or going up hill. The dealership has replaced all shocks and struts, plus sway bar links. The ride seemed to improve somewhat but as the new parts have settled (two weeks) its gone back to feeling incredibly unsafe on the road.

I’m thinking there is a part that is either loose or bent which is causing it to wobble and shimmy. I’m getting absolutely nowhere with the dealerships in this area, which is incredibly frustrating and dangerous. Does anyone have references for good mechanics in the San Francisco Bay Area that work on Mitsubishi vehicles?

At the top of the page in the red bar click on the words’ mechanics file’. Are you the only driver and if not what does the other person say.

What pressure are the tires inflated to?

yes, check tire pressure and are these tires stock size and type? If this has a drive system that can be put in 2 wheel drive, put in 2 wheel drive when you are on pavement.

This shouldn’t apply to a 2012 but even new parts can be flawed.

Follow the steering wheel shaft where it passes through the fire wall. Where it comes through the fire wall and into the engine compartment…there is a U-Joint on the steering shaft… Watch this U-Joint as someone turns the wheel. The person turning the wheel only needs to turn it an inch or two and then back the other way an inch or two… If you see any play in that joint, it needs to be replaced ASAP… If this joint is bad and it comes apart while you are driving…you lose all control.


Tire pressure is fine and I’ve been thinking that the steering wheel shaft may have an issue. I’m the only driver and did not have problems with the first 6 months of having this car, so something has negatively impacted the driving quality. I’ve been dealing with the dealership for over 6 months regarding this problem and it has not been resolved. Anybody have good recommendations for mechanics in the san francisco bay area…

Same answer as before, click on mechanics file in the red banner at the top of page. Do you not have someone who can drive and give a better description then just bouncy?

So I have driven this with someone else and car is swaying left to right as if its unstable. When you push on the car in neutral the car still rocks for a couple of seconds, pointing towards the suspension, however all parts are brand new. Tires are in alignment, no noticeable bent or worn parts. Is it possible the actual body of the car is faulty?

Also I have reviewed the mechanics file, but what I’m looking for is a mechanic that specializes in Mitsubishi’s.

Mitsubishi as a US seller is circling the drain so a mechanic is not going to specialize in Mitsubishi’s. I guess the selling dealer was something else. You either need a suspension shop or an actual dealer and plan to spend serious money. Your statement about the new parts settling in and the problem returning just does not make sense.

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I’ve actually been working with the dealership and manufacture regarding this problem. They were the ones to replace the suspension and are telling me that “this is the way the car drives”, which is incorrect, because I did not have problems until 6 months ago. I agree this does not make any sense, and that is why I’m here trying to figure out what they are overlooking. Still making payments on the car, so I’m stuck with this horrible problem.

For a US mechanic to specialize in Mitsubishis at this point is only slightly less ludicrous than someone investing in buggy whips after the introduction of the Model T.

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That doesn’t sound right. For a comparison, try doing that same experiment on another car, preferably the same make/model. It’s possible there’s something wrong with the new suspension components. It isn’t that unusual for shops to discover a replacement part is bad right out of the box.

I hope you are not leaving the vehicle in neutral and getting out to rock the vehicle, it should be in park .

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Yes in park, this was done in a shop.

I agree its not normal. Will push to have this done.

Can you elaborate on this?

Does it do this with the engine off? What direction and where are you pushing? Which way does the car rock?