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2012 Nissan Juke Won't Turn On

I have a 2012 Juke SL. I have close to 127,000 miles. The car had been driving well but after I got back from the grocery store it wouldn’t turn on. The brake is stiff when I push the button all it does is the lights go crazy. The AC / stereo don’t turn on. The lights and icons flash for a bit but then just leave the battery and light stay on. There is just a clicking sound even after I press the button to turn it on. I had the battery checked and it is at 90%. The clicking noise is coming from underneath. The key fob won’t work to lock or unlock the car. Below is all that has been fixed on the car since December.

The battery and brake light have been flashing on together sporadically. I took it in and they said it was the alternator. With all the mileage I figured it was time to get a new one anyway. About 4 days later the icons flash up on the dashboard again. I take it to another shop (because I’m in a different city) and they say it is the water pump and the pulley. They fixed that as well as the battery belts.

Thanks in advance with any assistance on this issues.

The BCM may be failing.


As with cars - it could be anything. That said, we also have a 2012 Juke SL and had similar lights going crazy problems. The issue I had is that Nissan has a device in the car to limit how much charging the alternator does (to lessen the power draw off the engine and so increase gas mileage). But what happens is this device acts crazy sometimes and outputs too little volts and if it is outputting too few volts and the battery can’t make up for it, then not only may you have problems starting, but the light controllers act crazy - ours were the hazard lights and various headlights/tail lights flashing or wouldn’t even go off. First thing - charge the battery fully (again - I know you wrote you had it checked, I would charge it up again as this sounds exactly like the problem we had), then get one of those cigarette lighter Volt meters (you can get them cheap on eBay or Amazon), plug it into your cig. lighter and watch the volts. If you have sporadically low volts then you can disable this alternator limiting device at the battery (check the manual but I believe it is connected as part of the negative (?) battery connector - a little wire you just disconnect). This should give you stable volts at a little over 14v. If this is your problem, then it cost you $10 to fix, if not, it only cost you $10. Also, there was a recall on some Jukes for this problem where they re-program the computer to make sure the volts stay high enough, but my Juke wasn’t covered (your local library may have free, full access to recalls and TSB’s - I believe it is Reference #NTB12-115). I still don’t know why the lights go crazy with low volts, but mine sure did (I am used to old cars where the lights would just stop working, but now with everything computer controlled, who knows…). Also, this volt limiter problem is sporadic - that is why I could test my alt. and get a good reading and then a hour later get a very low reading. I replaced three batteries in my Juke before I stumbled onto this issue. Good luck!

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