2012 Nissan Altima - How should I mix the coolant?

Radiator capacity is 2 gal. should i replace coolant with 2 gal. of 50//50 premixed or 1 gal. of distilled water and 1 gal of the 50/50 premixed coolant thanks

50/50 ratio. Don’t dilute the premixed.


Your choice.

One gallon of distilled water and one gallon of anti-freeze,

Or 2 gallons of 50/50 premix.


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2 gal of 50/50 pre mix or 1 gal straight coolant (not diluted-not 50/50) and 1 gal distilled water, don’t add distilled water to the 50/50 mix

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You can’t be sure it’s completely empty. I use one or two changes of water to flush the system, then drain it as much as possible. Then I would put in one gallon of full-strength antifreeze, then enough water to fill the system. Check again after a cooldown and top up, if needed, with water.

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Agree with shanonia because of the difficulty of completely emptying the cooling system.

And if your car uses a valve to control coolant flow to the heater, set the control to its hottest setting, to open that valve, when flushing, emptying and filling.

Use the 50/50 or mix the concentrated with distilled water in a container. Do not add separately because it will screw up the ratio.

Do not flush, a little old coolant in the system won’t hurt anything. You are basically just adding new corrosion inhibiters and refreshing the coolant. Do change the coolant a little more frequently after the first coolant change to compensate for any residual old coolant in the system.

Flushing out with plain water or any chemicals will contaminate the system and the coolant mix. Best to not get anything other than distilled water and coolant in the system, less problems in the long run.