2012 Lincoln MKZ - are the ball joints too old?

I have a 2012 Lincoln MKZ with 52,000 miles. When I drive down our very smooth street, the front end sounds like an oil drum full of croquet balls. The Lincoln dealer says I need new ball joints… $$$! I read that they should be good for 72,000 miles…
I’m 86 years old, careful with my car. Are my joints creaky because they’re just too old?

There is no set mileage for replacement of ball joints.
Some will last for the life of the car, while others might require replacement after just a few years.
I suggest that you take it to an independent mechanic’s shop for his opinion of the condition of the ball joints.

Just bear in mind that bad ball joints constitute a potentially-serious safety issue, and are not just a matter of an unpleasant noise.

My 2011 right front end started making a loud creaking sound, needed lower control arms. I made the mistake of replacing both sides, the side that wasn’t noisy started making noise with the new parts! The defective new parts were replaced under warranty. So my advice is to get the side making the noise fixed. I used a trusted independent shop, about 40% cheaper than the dealer.

Get a second and maybe a third opinion. If they all say ball joints, then get them replaced. Age has something to do with parts failing too. Your Lincoln’s are almost nine years old.

Always get a second opinion. Ball joint wear is generally the result of poor road surfaces and/or environmental conditions such as dust, driving through pooled rain water, and so on.

If the ball joints are in need of replacement this needs to be done ASAP. Ball joints are the one suspension component that can be lethal if one were to break. And it can happen in a nano-second.

I can’t speak for the MKZ without seeing the parts but on my Lincolns I’ve always felt that the upper ball joints are a bit undersized for the car. The lowers are heavy duty; the uppers not so much.

Thanks for your response…I’ll get it fixed!

Thanks for your suggestion…

Thanks for your suggestion…I do want to be safe!

There’s a vehicle in our shop right now that needs both lower ball joints

It has about 27K miles

But the boots are both torn, and the ball joints don’t have zerks, so no way to lube them

yes, it’s making noise over bumps

And the vehicle is 15yrs old

My example proves that even vehicles with very low mileage might legitimately need ball joints

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the problem with second and even third opinions are… they are not free. By then it’s half of the cost to replace ball joints.

If you trust the shop then replace the ball joints. If you don’t trust the shop then you should go to a place you trust and follow their advice.

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thanks for your reply…I’m on my way!

thanks for your response…I’ll keep your suggestion in mind!

thanks for your reply…I’m glad to know about age not mattering - I’m 86!

It’s the Croquet balls that gave away your age … :smiley: