2012 Land Rover LR4 - Looking for a Land Rover garage

Garage that works in land rovers near 48131 (25 mi rad)?

Google is your friend . Or just call a few shops and tell them what your problem is .

I put ( Land Rover repair near Dundee , MI ) and found quite a few places . It was not that difficult.


This recent article may be worth a read. If you find a good mechanic, please let us know. Good luck! Car Talk’s Ultimate Guide to Finding a Good Mechanic in 2022 - Car Talk

Google, Yelp, and Land Rover forums should help. Read the reviews in detail, decide on which ones are important. I ignore the ‘one star because the didn’t have coffee in the waiting room’ or ‘they didn’t pick up their phone’ reviews.

Bring LOTS of money, a spare car to drive home, and patience. LOTS of patience.

May the Gods of English Cars have mercy on your soul and your wallet.


??? … Suggest town and state name will yield better chances of a recommendation here. Is there a local Land Rover dealership?

The person did list the Zip Code but even with that what are the chances that someone with a Land Rover will even see the post ? Slim is the answer.

Could be worth a call, might be others in the area.

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