2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Car turns itself on

From time to time the car will turn on all by itself, key is 1000 yards away. I also have experiences a number of issues with the car not starting. The real issue is that the computer stores only the information it understands. When some combination of sensor data or a failed sensor occurs it captures bogus information. The mechanic looks at the data and fixes what he/she is told to. The challenge is that the error codes are wrong. Garbage in, Garbage out. This from a six time Jeep owner.

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Does your Jeep have remote start that you know of?? You didn’t say…

If not then do this:

Go to the vehicle and push the lock button three times in a short but consecutive order.

Push lock and listen for beep, then push lock and listen for beep, then push lock… does anything happen??

Yes it has remote start. I’ll run the test in the AM.

NVM then… lol

And it will start with the key/fob while not close to you as well?? meaning still on a table or hanging from a key hook on a wall…and Not in a pocket or some ones purse etc etc…

I’m presuming you mean your mechanic is using a scan tool to look at the diagnostic codes stored in the drivetrain computer memory, and when the repairs the codes suggest are done, it doesn’t fix the symptoms you are reporting.

The drivetrain diagnostic codes are generally not an effective diagnostic tool for “fails to start” and “starts all by itself, when you don’t want it to”. The drivetrain diagnostic codes are designed to focus on emissions related symptoms, and your starting symptoms aren’t emissions related.

The diagnostic codes retrieved by a code reader does not tell the mechanic which part(s) to replace. The code simply provides a clue about which of the car’s systems has a problem. Further testing is almost always necessary before it is possible to decide a part has failed and needs to be replaced. Mechanics – good & experienced mechanics anyway – never replace parts based only on the diagnostic codes.

For best help here, suggest to clarify; e.g. which symptom is most important one you want solved? And how is that symptom manifested?.

Also suggest to post the engine and transmission configuration.