2012 Hyundai Genesis - Pedal goes to floor

We have a 2012 Genesis 3.8L v6 sedan and are experiencing some brake pedal issues. The pedal just seems to lose pressure when braking and almost goes to the floor. This will only happen on occasions and then it returns to normal and seems as though nothing is wrong. Other than these unnerving events there seems to be nothing wrong with the brake system. fluid is full and there are no leaks and as stated, normally the braking is excellent on this vehicle.

That needs to be checked by a competent mechanic IMMEDIATELY.
Your car is seven years old, have you had your brake fluid changed?


Most likely you have a failed master cylinder. You should have the car towed to the mechanic - the next time it gives out could be when you’re about to rear-end a bus.

There is a leak. You just can’t see it because it’s inside the master cylinder. The piston in the cylinder has a seal that prevents brake fluid from leaking past the piston. When that seal fails, the piston can’t push on the brake fluid because the brake fluid is flowing past the seal.

The piston pushing on the brake fluid is what makes the brake fluid push on your brakes, so if the seal is leaky, you have very limited, or possibly no, brakes.

That’s also why the pedal goes to the floor - when the fluid leaks past the seal, there’s no resistance to push back against the pedal.

We took the car back sometime in 2013/2014 for the recall which was basically just to change the brake fluid that came with the car because it may contaminate or cause internal fittings to rust or something like that. But have I changed the brake fluid out ? No.

we have heard speculation that it may be the computer ??? possibly not the master cylinder ???

I don’t know what we will do but thanks for your replies and suggestions. Anyone contributing helpful information is much appreciated.

You’re at least 2 years overdue for a fluid change.

I highly doubt it. You’re describing classic symptoms of a leaking MC seal. But whatever the cause is, your vehicle is very dangerous to drive and should not be moved except onto a tow truck.