2012 Hyundai Accent idling rough

this car is idling rough and making a weird sound and has slow acceleration.

How many miles on it? Is the Check Engine light on? Any other lights?

What do you mean by “weird sound” Like a brass band? Maracas? A guy beating on an oil drum? Please give us something to go on.

Don’t know about the miles, no engine light or other lights on. The sound is like a whine, not high pitched. It shakes around and has no power, like it is running on two cylinders and not four.


First it us not a good idea to post your email on a public internet site

What do you mean you don’t know how many miles on the car? Doesn’t the odometer work or the dash is broken or is this not your car?

not my car, I forgot to look at the mileage, just want to know why it is idling rough.

Because something is wrong with it . And another reminder to edit out your email address . Have the owner get the codes read so some one can offer a decent guess .

@cdaquila Well Carolyn , do you want to remove the email from Jeffery’s post ?

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