2012 Honda Odyssey with damp carpet after driving

So I just bought a used 2012 Honday Odyssey and I noticed that anytime I take it out for a drive and return home, the front passenger side floor carpet is slightly damp. So is the carpet on the floor of the luggage compartment at the back of the vehicle. I’ve also noticed that the drivers side carpet smells a bit like gas when this happens. Does anyone have an idea what could be wrong and how much it could cost to fix? Thanks.

I’m assuming you didn’t have a pre-purchase inspection done on the vehicle prior to buying it?

If not, you’re going to have to have a post-purchase inspection performed.


The passenger side floor wetness could just be the condensation drain plugged and overflowing. The gas smell on drivers side could be dangerous so have it checked soon. If you bought from a major dealer there is a chance the original factory warranty stayed in effect.

It likely is your AC condensation drain like others said. Another item is power sunroof drain tubing is not proper.

How many miles on this vehicle? Also do you place kids in it as this is mold factory likely.

Is the OP confident that this vehicle was not involved in a major collision, prior to his purchase of the vehicle?

I ask that question because of the fact that there is apparently some type of water intrusion in the rear of the vehicle, in addition to the water problem in the front passenger area.
While sunroof problems and/or condensate drain problems could very likely explain the situation in the front passenger area, water intrusion in the rear could be the result of body repair that was not properly done.

As was already suggested, the OP needs to have a competent independent mechanic (NOT a chain-run operation like Pep Boys, AAMCO, Sears, Monro, Meineke, Midas, etc) perform a comprehensive inspection of the vehicle–including putting it up on a lift in order to detect possible collision damage.

As to the “gas” smell…Is it possible that the OP is smelling engine coolant?
If the heater core is leaking, that could explain both a wet area on the front carpeting, as well as an unpleasant odor in the car.

This vehicle is crying out for a full inspection!

Thanks for your replies. The carfax of the vehicle showed that there had been no accident. I probably will have it taken to an independent mechanic for a thorough inspection.

“The carfax of the vehicle showed that there had been no accident”

…or perhaps that a body shop did not make the effort to report the information…

Both the omissions of information and the reporting of false information on Carfax reports are very wide-spread.

Carfax is more hype than substance, and–unfortunately–many people interpret those reports as a statement of accurate information that gives them an assurance of a trouble-free vehicle. Sadly, that is frequently just not the case.