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2012 Honda Accord - Reliable?

don’t rush to live that fast!
it’s 2019, not 2029 :slight_smile:

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It’s a seven-year-old car.

I think the intent of the questions in these types of treads is are these cars known to have problems? The typical response is that nobody can answer that, just have it inspected. There must be some people with experience in the vehicle in question.

If the OP were to ask about a Hyundai Sonata the answer should be clear with so many engine failures reported to the NHTSA. Some cars have major faults and others are recommended.

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Fewer than most. CR’s survey shows the Accord to be much better than average for overall reliability for all years 2011-2017. That includes 2012 (last year of that generation) and 2013 (first year of that new generation.) Impressive. 2018 was the first of yet another new generation - we’ll see about that soon.

My mistake. Seventeen or seven; it makes no difference because no one on Earth can know if any used car is reliable.

No one can definitively even say that a 2 or 3 year old car is going to be reliable.

Duh. The OP is asking for opinions from people who ‘know’ the brand. He specifically asked about high mileage Accords, so my knowledge, having owned two of them, and having done so with cars that ran well past his benchmark, is relevant. What’s your problem?

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Generally speaking it is reliable if it was well taken care of. The 2.4 engine was used in many Honda vehicles back to 2001. This engine does very well if regular oil changes are performed. I have shopped around and found plenty of these engines with 200,000-400,000 miles. The v6 version isn’t bad, I’ve got friends with that engine with over 200,000 miles. I’d caution against the Cylinder shut off system, but a simple $200 fix exists to shut that off, and make it a much better engine.

That being said I would have a trusty mechanic look over the car to make sure it’s in good working order so you won’t have to spend $$$ to make it 100%. A mechanic can also look for signs of previous collision or flood damage.

Hope this helps. I keep my cars 15 years 250,000 miles so I know it can be a great engine.

The problem I have with car complaints web site is they do not organize the information well. They will put a V6 engine and combine the data with the 4 cy. There’s complaints that have follow ups where stuff was fixed but it’s not linked to the original post.
Also people jump on and complain after buying a 10 year year old car, etc and blame companies for poor maintenance from previous owners.
Lastly I know of problems with other car companies that are not reported on the site. And Ive noticed anyone can post and it seems there’s no way to verify if an account is fake.
I take car complaints with a grain of salt. Forums are better.

I agree, it is not reliable source and it has a lot of garbage, so one always has to go on a “dumpster diving” session to get some leads for further research.
Question is: do you know a better source?

I looked at the Car Complaints web site and I was not impressed at all . As for Forums , don’t really consider them a source for actual vehicle reports. Remember the person not to long ago complaining his cruise control did not work on his new car ? Turned out his trim level did not have cruise as a feature.