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2012 Ford Taurus AC

I have a 2012 Ford Taurus when I turn the ac on it goes fast and then back to normal every like 3-5 seconds. It blows cold air and it doesn’t matter the speed of the ac it speeds up and slow back to normal. Has 49100 miles any help would be appreciated!

“it doesn’t matter the speed of the ac it speeds up and slow back to normal.”

What is speeding up and then slowing down?
Is it the car’s engine, or is it the fan motor?
And, if it is the fan motor whose speed is varying…Does your car have automatic climate control that allows you to set a specific temperature for the HVAC system?

When I say speeding up I mean the air flow coming out of the vent very fast at high speed the slows down to the speed I have it set at! Yes I am able to set the car at a specific temp.

I would say that one of the sensors for the automatic climate control system is wonky.
For instance, these systems typically reduce the fan speed when you drive into a dark area–such as into your garage–and then speed it up again when you back out into the sunlight. My best guess is that the sensor that detects sunlight is acting up.

If this car is covered by a 3 yr/30k mile bumper-to-bumper warranty, and if you have not exceeded the mileage limit, this repair will be covered by your warranty. And, you don’t have to give the dealership a diagnosis. Just describe the problem–or better yet, demonstrate the problem for them.