2012 Dodge Avenger - Overheats - what next?

I started having an overheating issue in the fall. When I ran the heat the engine was fine but with out it on it would over heat in minutes. Had it it tested and no exhaust leak so changed both thermostats and it got a little better.

Did a full flush and pulled the water pump. Looked fine but still put in the new one.

After more flushing I finally changed the radiator and the thermostats again and had leak checked again and still overheating. All the lines are clean and get perfect flow. Checked heater core at that flow seems fine. No idea what else to check or what could be wrong since replaced everything so far, including radiator cap. Help!

Are your radiator cooling fans coming on when the car is overheating? Does it overheat at highway speeds or just at idle pr around town? If it is fine at highway speeds, it is probably your fans not coming on. It could be the fabs, relay or wiring or whatever controls the fans. On a 2012 I am afraid it might be the ECM.

Fans come on just fine when they are suppose to and don’t randomly turn off or anything. If I just idle her takes about 30 minutes or more to overheat otherwise drive around at 25 mph and takes about 5 mins or less.

What happens when you take it on the expressway? Also, do you lode coolant when it overheats? Have you had the system pressure tested?

Have not taken it on highway yet. The faster I go the hotter it gets then it reclines and have to turn it off. No, don’t need to load coolant. It is usually bubbling hot in reservoir and after I let it cool it drains back in. I check the levels and they are all fine and have not lost any coolant.

Red lines not reclines