2012 Chevrolet Traverse - Dash lights

I am a 60+ year old woman who has driven my 2012 Chevy Traverse since it was new. It’s great. I am having ongoing issues with the automatic light sensor. It probably works correctly but not to my satisfaction.

The sensor is located inside the car next to the windshield a few inches behind the windshield wiper. It works perfectly in the summer. But on winter mornings the dashboard lights stay dim for the majority of my 14 mile eastbound work commute. After sitting in the parking lot all day the dashboard is bright for my westbound commute. The car sits in the garage overnight.

Problem: I can’t read my speedometer or anything on the dashboard in the morning; I simply keep pace with cars around me. Do you have any tricks to make the dashboard lights glow brightly at all times? I’ve read and reread the manual. My local Chevy dealer dealer does not have any ideas. The sensor has been replaced once for this issue but has not resolved it. Thank you!

All I can offer is to make sure the windshield in the area of the sensor is very clean, inside and out. I know mine dim just going through the car wash.

The instrument cluster dimming can be adjusted for brighter headlamp-on driving.


My Corolla has that feature and I simply turn the lights on manually so the instruments are illuminated. You should be able to do the same in your Traverse. @Nevada_545 has already given you excellent advice.

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