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2012 Chevrolet Sonic

after 36,000.
1st: I couldn’t get my air conditioner to work. It works now. Sometime the heat and air light doesn’t come on.
2nd: Driver side door lock doesn’t work correct. When the button is push to unlock and lock, you have to mash multitude times.This is on the inside button and on the FOB.
3rd. There is a recall on my Sonic, that the engine light is on and by my understanding, it has something to do with the air flow sensor under the hood.
4th: the thermostatic control switch part that controls the heat and air conditioner is bad and the part beside the thermostatic housing is broken. By my understanding one mess the other up. Working on now, over 500.00 to fix, just over 50,000.
I have a 2004 3500 Chevy van, with just over 50,000 miles, every time I drive over 60 mph, the paint blows off. runs great looks bad. The original batterer lasted 11 years, that was good. At this time, I use it for a storage building.
2011 Cadillac CTS: looks good, runs great.
2014 GMC Sierra SLT: looks good and does the job.
1977 V8 vega street rod: It runs great and looks good because I love hot rods.

Hi @dan42. Is there something specific we can help you with?

you listed 5 cars and 6 different problems. What exactly do you want help with?

Please provide complete details, mileage, previous history, etc.