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2012 Chevrolet Cruze - Voltage Meter

It displayed “battery volt 14.3”, now the display showed “14.0 then the voltage dropped to a 12.0”. Do I need to be concerned?

Yes, you do need to be concerned. If the voltage is 12 volts with the engine running, that means your alternator is not charging the battery and it will only run a short while before it strands you. If you see 12 volts with the engine turned off, that is normal.

Let me add, my sister has a 2012 Cruze. It has a charge on demand system. It actually measures the discharge rate of the battery and ups and downs the alt output based on this. Try turning your headlights on and your rear defrost. The voltage should definitely go up. If it only briefly and rarely hits 12 you’re probably okay.