2012 Chevrolet Captiva Sport keeps running after key is removed from ignition

engine keeps running when suit key off pull key it out of ignition, runs for several minutes. show engine hot, but fluid in radiator.

Would you explain your problem a bit more clearly. I cannot figure out what you are asking.

The car continues to run after I have removed the key & shut it off. Eventually it will shut off. Is this a dangerous situation for the engine? Please advise. Thanks.

No, but it might be a dangerous situation for YOU if the car is parked in your attached garage. Are you sure the engine continues to run and not the cooling fan at the radiator? Many cars run the fan once stopped so the engine won’t boil. Check yours and make sure the engine itself is not running.

Why did you mention…

Not sure how this fits in.

If the engine really is still running after the key is out, I’d suggest you take it to the Chevy dealer for service as it is likely a problem only they can solve.

A lot of carburated cars used to do this when they ran hot, it was called running on, but the only thing I can think of that might make a fuel injected car do this is badly leaking fuel injectors and a too hot engine with glowing carbon deposits as an ignition source.