2012 Audi A6: Drove through modest puddle and now New Engine?


Once a car is in water over the wheels there is nothing to worry about but getting to safety. The engine will stall and the car will some to a drifting stop. Bail out the window and look for the safest place to jump and or swim. A late model car is a total loss once water is up to the level of the drivers pedals.

I have had a few hours of fun driving jeeps equipped to operate in water over the hood and as soon as water was spilling into the floor board there was no driving to be done it was just a matter of keeping the vehicle upright and helping it toward shore. When you have nothing to lose it’s a lot of fun. When you’re driving an investment that is the family’s daily driver it’s probably no fun at all.


Consider it done. :relaxed:


I think the horse is long dead and we may as well stop beating it.


I could not see the intake either. I’m thinking it may face rearward to help prevent normal road spray from being sucked in.


The air inlet on that Honda is in front of the battery, the reason it is so long and goes under the frame rail is because it is a resonator system.


My 87 Ranger has a simple solution for the hydrolock problem. It has a second intake hose attached to the air filter box. It’s about 1" by 6" long

In 1986 the Ranger and 5 other trucks were in a 6 truck road test and the 6 test drivers would switch between trucks. All was very good for the Ranger until the trucks had to ford a shallow river. 5 trucks made it but the Ranger sucked water and hydrolocked. End of story for the Ranger and it’s a shame since it was everyones favorirte truck
I believe that’s why my 87 has the extra hose


So with the air inlet in front of the battery (and as high as it could be), an inlet pipe design like this one would’ve probably prevented the alleged hydrolocking in my co-worker’s 2012 Audi A6 ?

Or no - because the water would’ve gotten in through that “pleated box” (the resonator?)?


The air inlet should be above the radiator like this A4 we have on the lot;

Does he have the car back from the shop? Why not open the hood and take a look?


LOL! Caught up with him yesterday at work after lunch (in the building), but he didn’t seem to be interested in opening the hood for me later. Maybe he sees it as ‘case closed’, or maybe he’s embarrassed by the whole situation, or afraid of what we might find. I don’t know.