2011 Volkswagen Tiguan leak

I recently had an oil change on my Tiguan, and when I picked it up, they told me that the head gasket needed to be replaced, it had started leaking. I’ve never had any leaking problems before, but now after this oil change, I have oil on the ground wherever I park. If the car is on an incline with the front end higher, it’s not too bad. But if the car is on an incline with the tail higher, it’s a big puddle. I keep checking at each fillup to see how much is leaking out, and I haven’t seen a significant drop in the oil level. It’s been about a month now. I just find it hard to believe that I go in with no issues whatsoever and then get an oil change and next thing you know it’s leaking like a busted dam. Weird?

No, not weird - coincidental.

Please don’t take this as an insult to your knowledge about cars. We have no idea what you do and do not know.

If it is leaking that bad and you are finding puddles…why isn’t the dip stick reading “Low”.
Could you be checking the transmission fluid???

I know that a little oil can sometimes make a bigger stain and fool you to thinking that the leak is worse than it is.
I would take the car back to the oil change shop and ask them to put your car up on the rack and show you where the leak is originating from.

Coincidental…is true.
I cannot think of a way that a mechanic to damage something to make it leak oil. Unless the mechanic punched a tiny hole in the oil filter.

Have them show you the leak and convince you that the work is needed.

Warning; if this is an oil change shop or chain shop seek out an independent mechanic or dealer to actually have the work done. Most of the chain shops have few REAL professional mechanic’s.


You just haven’t noticed any leaks until it was brought to your attention.

What is your definition of a big puddle? 1 inch , 12 inches and how long to get it?

If it is leaking “like a busted damn” the leak should be easy to identify.

If you are leaking oil at that rate and your oil level is not dropping, the oil may be coming from somewhere else, such as your transmission. Or could it be coolant? or power steering fluid?

Put a piece of paper towel where it will pick up the drip. What color is it?

If you can, check the transmission fluid level, and the coolant level, or have someone check those for you. In either case, serious damage could occur if the levels are low.

In addition to the other–very valid–bits of advice, I want to add the very real possibility that the leaking gasket is the one the seals the valve cover–and not the head gasket. Yes, any oil leak is potentially serious, but if the source of the leak is the valve cover gasket, the “cure” is relatively cheap.

In any event, this situation screams-out for the following:
Carefully checking the level of all fluids before driving the car again
Taking the car to a competent mechanic

Do not go to a chain-run place like Pep Boys, Midas, Meineke, Monro, Sears, or–God forbid–AAMCO.
Instead, look for an independent shop in your area. There tend to be a fairly large number of indy VW specialists, simply because so many people have been hosed over the years by VW dealerships.
I suggest that you check the Yellow Pages for an indy VW specialist.