2011 Volkswagen Golf - Diesel is dead?

While driving my diesel 2011 VW Golf, the engine suddenly slowed down and came to a complete halt. A yellow warning light appeared indicating the diesel engine pre-flow system was switched on. The warning light was solid, NOT blinking. After having the vehicle towed to my home, it will not start. What should I do now? Not only has this caused stress and anxiety, but I am very worried this could be a huge repair bill. Thank you for your attention to my inquiry.

Did you mean pre-Glow?
Your pre-glow timer might be bad, just one guess. If you have access to a code reader, codes present might give you or us a better shot at guessing at the source of the problem.
Or, just tow it in for a diagnosis and repair estimate.


Hey there - my bad, I did mean pre-Glow. Thanks for the advice.

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Do you have the ability to diagnose and repair your diesel? If not, why tow it home rather than a repair shop?


Yeah, you need to have this car taken to a shop. We can’t diagnose it over the internet, at least not with the given information.


Well, there will be no repair bill if you just leave it dead in your driveway, but I don’t think that will relieve your anxiety. Get it towed to a dealer or independent shop of your choice and find out.Do not go to any chain of any kind.


I’d check around on a VW diesel forum for good shops in your area.

Have you replaced the timing belt yet? I think it is due at 120k on your engine.

Quit worrying, it WILL be a huge repair bill, it’s a Volkswagen.


Could be fuel pump, bad fuel. No fuel. Get it looked at

Yes, but because VW dealerships have such a rancid reputation for ripping-off their customers, there are independent VW specialists in a LOT of areas. While it won’t be possible to make that marque into one with low repair costs, at least VW owners can reduce their repair costs by taking their cars to an indy VW specialist. The VW specialist guy in my area has a booming business because his repair rates are so much lower than those of the VW dealerships.

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There are good and bad examples of both dealers and repair shops out there, My brother’s managed to keep the costs of his '09 GTi reasonable by using the local VW specialist since day one. They’d treated him so well during the $800 Jetta days that now he’ll only buy cars that they service.

Without knowing what, if any, electrical diagnostic ability or tools you may have along with what if any DTCs are present it can be difficult to say without car in hand.
With diesels, check the glow plug fuse as a first step. Those are very high amperage fuses and can be prone to failure after many repeated heating and cooling cycles.

If the fuse is good post back and we will try to carry this further. FWIW, I’m an ex VW disingenuous thief/tech. We all are. :roll_eyes:

Did oil pressure light come on too?