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2011 Toyota Highlander new trans fluid needed?

Do I need to get new transmission fluid

Of course , why would you want used ? :wink:
Now seriously , explain why you are asking this question so someone can give a reasonable answer .


How many miles are on the vehicle? How many since the fluid was changed last?

Additionally, regardless of odometer mileage, how long has it been (months/years) since the trans fluid was last changed?

Those who faithfully change their trans fluid and filter every 30k miles or 3 years (whichever comes first) can almost always go many more years before needing to overhaul their transmission, as compared to those who don’t maintain their transmission on that type of schedule.

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That’s pretty old for any fluid. How does it look, smell? Is it contaminated? Has it been run hot (mountains, desert, trailer pulling)? ATF contains chemicals in that protect seals and rubber parts, prevent corrosion, etc. that probably don’t last forever. Do you plan to retire the car in a year or two or keep it another 10?

If it hasn’t been changed before, then yes, you need new transmission fluid. Most of the folks around here say do it every 30,000 to 40,000 miles. It really depends on whether the Highlander sees severe service. Severe service is stop and go, short trips, high heat environment. Highway driving in most places is not severe. I had the fluid changed in my Honda Accord CVT transmission at 38,000 miles, and I do mostly highway commuting with it.

620i00 total Fluid has not been changed but checks full

Then you are due, based on miles, and overdue, based on time.

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Assuming that’s 62000 and not 620100(!) @NYBo is correct. Change the fluid and motor on.