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2011 Subaru Forester oozes water from the exhaust

my subaru forester is oozing water from the exhaust and the rafdiator level going down what can it be

Blown head gasket! Classic signs. I’d get it in for service ASAP before the coolant fills a cylinder and completely destroys the engine.


We see more head gasket complaints from Subaru owners than all other makes combined. Given the low volume of Subaru production, that is amazing. I don’t know how they got a reputation for reliability.

We don’t see complaints about the six cylinder models.


I had the same problem with my 01 Forester. My understanding is it’s an issue with the flat four engine in most Subarus. The V6 is a different design. As for why they’re reputed to be reliable? Because they’re Japanese and compared to American cars of similar vintage, they really were (my dad’s late '90s Buick was about to need its fourth transmission when we fobbed it off on NPR). But compared to Honda and Toyota they trade some mechanical reliability for ruggedness.

Subaru does not make a V6, they make a flat 6.

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And since it’s a boxer engine, you get to replace two head gaskets instead of just one like on a normal 4-banger! Great design! :smiley: