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2011 Subaru AC

I got a new 2011 Subaru Legacy a few months ago and now that the weather is starting to get warm again I am finding that the AC really sucks!! Even on the highest settings it doesn’t get above a cool breeze in the car. I grew up with an older legacy and the AC was awesome so is this just with the new Subarus or have I gotten another lemon?

It’s under warranty. Take this problem to your Subaru dealer. There must be something wrong with the HVAC system. Don’t just accept it. Take it back.

As Mcparadise stated, this is a warranty issue, and you don’t need to settle for poor performance from your HVAC system. Take it back to the dealership for examination.

I have a 2011 Outback, which is mechanically identical to your Legacy, and I can tell you that the A/C will freeze me out of the car unless I keep the thermostat set to 71 degrees, and even then, I frequently have to override the fan setting and manually set it to a lower fan speed. Or, in other words, I find the A/C to be exceptionally effective at cooling the car’s interior.

If the dealership is not reponsive, then you need to refer your problem to Subaru at the corporate level. Contact info can be found in your Owner’s Manual.

Awesome thank you! I will definately have them fix this issue so I don’t have to listen to my boyfriend complain anymore!

Did you find anything out? Because I’ve had the same problem w/ my 2011 Legacy and when I asked the dealership to look at it they said it was “fine”. Very frustrating for a brand new car. I did read somewhere online if you set it to recirculate instead of drawing hot air from the outside it will work better, and it does, but I still never get “cold”. Thanks for any advice.

Is the dealer actually checking the system? The AC might be working perfectly, but if the heater control is not adjusted right, the heater might not be completely off.